Why Should I Purchase an Electric Folding Bike?

Can you explain how the five level power assist works

The incremental, powerful five level power assist function, is super easy to navigate and provides all the power you will ever need on a bicycle

What about the hills

The system really comes into its own when going up hills, which after all is when you really need an electric bicycle. This system gives you superior forward torque for hill climbing

Does the bike have a throttle

Yes. The throttle function by passes the torque sensor to produce instant pure motor power. So you have the best of both worlds.

Can I ride as a normal bicycle

Yes the bike is very comfortable to ride as a regular bike, using seven speed shimano gears

What happens if I run out of battery whilst riding

Just pedal back as you would on a normal bicycle

Does your electric bicycle arrive assembled

Yes, fully assembled apart from the rear light which is easy to fit

How often do I need to recharge the battery

It's best to recharge the battery when down to about 1/3 charge or so. Recharge battery at least once a month when in storage to prevent degredation

How long will the battery last before I need to replace it

We use high performance quality Panasonic lithium battery cells. You should get a few hundred recharges out of your battery. Battery life will vary greatly depending on conditions. It is normal for the battery range to decrease with time over subsequent recharges

How long does it take to recharge the battery and how is it recharged

About four to six hours if the battery is fully exhausted less if topping up. Simply use the battery charger provided which can be plugged into any regular power point

What is the range on one charge

There are many variables such as weight of rider, terrain, headwind, speed, stops/starts, condition of battery/tyres etc, but up to 60 km in power assist is a good rough guide. Battery range will decrease with time over subsequent recharges

How fast will my Ezy Commuter electric bicycle go

25 - 27 km hr

What is the front connection box for

The front connection box makes it a lot easier to replace any components on the handlebar in the future. It avoids having to go back to the controller which is more time consuming

What is the warranty

We guarantee that our electric bicycle is free from manufacturer defects and will replace or repair any defect part at our discretion during the warranty period. Frame is guaranteed for two years, motor, battery, charger, electronic components 12 months, electrics six months. This does not include consumables like brakes, tyres, fuses, globes, etc. This warranty does not cover issues arising from normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect, or improper use. Battery range will decrease over time and subsequent recharges. This is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered by this warranty

How reliable are these bikes and what about maintenance

The bikes are very reliable and extremely well designed. Maintenance will revolve around normal bicycle issues, tyres, brakes, gears, etc. If a specialised issue arose we would try to put you in contact with a repairer closest to you.

Do you carry spare parts

Yes we do, typically a spare part is dispatched after an email or phone call

Do I need a licence or registration

No. Because these electric bicycles have a 200 watt hub geared motor and usable pedals they are classed as normal bicycles under Australian law

If I have more questions what do I do

Contact us via the contact page on the main menu. You can send an email or call