Why Ezy Commuter?

If you're considering purchasing an electric bicycle, it's important to choose a company with a good track record and quality regime in place.

Virtually all electric bicycles that are imported into Australia are assembled in Mainland China. Don't be misled by terms like European or French Designed as the actual production is in Mainland China, or very occasionally Taiwan. And that goes for global brands too.

Therefore consider the following.

There are thousands of assembling factories in China, and thousands more component factories all competing for business. Many of these produce electric bicycles of questionable quality, mostly geared to servicing the local Chinese market than achieving an export quality standard.

Most electric bicycles that are brought into Australia are purchased through sales agents and third parties and, it can be a case of pot luck on what you end up with. Some of these electric bikes are poor in quality and design. Often the agent is after a quick commission and the assembling factory wants to make quick sales. The buyer normally would never even visit the factory and just have to trust everyone in the supply chain.

Steve checking bikes in the factory
Steve checking bikes in the factory

Poor Steve, he has to ride all of these
Poor Steve, he has to ride all of these

Our point of difference is that we invest in the right areas of our business. Apart from local quality controllers, Managing Director, Steve O'Connell, personally quality checks and test rides every single electric bicycle in the assembling factory.

Together with local personnel, he visits component manufacturers to help ensure all components meet quality guidelines.

He invests a lot of his time in China and it would make life far easier not to do it. But the fact is there is no substitute for this type of personal involvement to help guarantee quality standards are maintained for our customers.

Don't forget our motto "More for Less." Such as extra features like duel suspension, thorn proof tyres, free accessories, warehouse direct low prices.

Be sure to check out FAQ, which includes information regarding our warranty, spare parts, returns policy, etc.