The following are a selection of customer testimonials we have received during the past five years to the current day. They reflect real life experiences.

"I have had my EZ Commuter folding electric bike for about a year now, and have found it not only enjoyable to ride but very handy to do those small shopping trips, saving the expense of using the car. Doesn't use much storage space when folded, and have not yet expended the full battery charge on my trips, excellent bike.

Carey E Farnham, Cairns Queensland, Retired Counsellor"

"We are very happy with the purchase of two electric bikes from you.We have a motorhome and travel extensively. When we first thought about purchasing a bike we had a criteria: Must fold up and have it's own storage bag. Must be light enough to load and unload into our towed vehicle. Must have a sturdy compact reliable battery that will last for a reasonable time. Must be of sturdy construction. Must be reasonably priced.

Your bikes met all our criteria so we purchased two. Since our purchased we will not leave home on any trip without the bikes. As most councils are putting in more and more bike trails it is easy to find a safe, picturesque place to ride. With the different modes available on the bikes hills are no worry to the rider as you can use the bike in full power mode and then continue to pedal at the top of the hill. The battery lasts for many many kilometers using as pedal assist and we recharge overnight so we are always ready to pedal when we want.

Our lifestyle has changed for the better since the purchase of the two bikes. Dianne and I both walked for exercise prior to owning the electric bikes. Since the bikes we now ride daily (when on trips).

These rides are to shops to purchase groceries etc, (great handy baskets on the front of the bikes,) to see relos or simply for the relaxation and exercise of a bike ride. Your happy cyclists.

Dianne and Ron Tobias

PO Box 1047 Bathurst NSW 2795″

"I received the bike from george and am truly enjoying it. I did not expect such performance. Have not rode a Bike for fifty years

Great performance, Great looks, Excellent Quality

Thanks. Barry Perinoni Howwlong"

" September 2011 a friend and I decided we needed to be a little more active as owning some acreage wasn't enough, and living a little out of town it was too long to walk and taking a car was a waste of petrol.

So we surfed the net and found Ezy Commuter, and these bikes seemed ideal for both our requirements. One must know neither of us had ridden a bike since the age of 14, and we are now in our late 60's, and that was going to be a challenge in itself, to buying one. After several calls to Steve who must have thought our questions were strange and left field but never- the- less he was always accommodating, we bought one each.

Now some 12 months later I don't know how we lived without one, mine has travelled in the car to Lake Crackenback and been ridden to Thredbo and back, besides other places. My wife sends me on errands to the shop, I sneak the odd coffee, with its handy basket in the front and having the power to assist up our hills is a godsend. Our 2 bikes are now 6 in our small town so that surely says a lot about them."

Thank you Steve for you ongoing advise and help, and I would certainly advise everyone to own at least one of them in your family.

Peter (Bermagui NSW)"

"I thought for years that cycling was out of the question for me until I got this bike. It has given me mobility and an avenue for recreation and exercise I thought was gone from my life since MS affected my leg strength. My bike goes on holidays in the caravan and it fits easily into the boot of my tiny car. I love it. The choice of power assisted pedalling, throttle (great for taking off with my weak legs) or just pedalling like a normal bike has let ride with confidence as I build up strength in my legs. It is comfortable to ride and its good range gives me the security to go for long country rides with my partner. Gayle J Mackay QLD. "

"I am 83 and found no difficulty in using the features of the bike. The power available was more than adequate for quite steep hills in my vicinity, and as an engineer it certainly was of the best quality of any bike I first examined!….Kevin Knowles Sydney"

"This short message is to confirm that we are very pleased with Ezy Commuter electric bikes we purchased from you prior to our trip around Australia.

I have used the bikes quite a lot and have not experienced any problems with them thus far.

Many thanks

David Bird"

“My wife just loves her Ezy Commuter. It gives her the freedom of the cycle ways without having to worry about head winds, hills or greater distances and is just delighted with the range of the battery

Even I tried it the other day when I had to cycle from home to the City and back - about 50k - against a strong head wind coming home where I used power virtually all the way and I still got home with 1-2 bars of battery charge remaining.

Great bike; easy to ride; easy to assemble and fold down. Great choice.”


Geoff Roberts


“Hi Steve

Ohhh a mk2 ezytraveller…. I'm really curious what upgrades you've done.

I'm totally enjoying the use of the second ezytraveller that I have! The extra power compared to your early model is fantastic. It always gives me a giggle when I power on past the road bicycles with their 27 gears up on Sydney's steep hills and see the cyclist shocked faces. They just can't believe it.

Because I'm partially sighted I can't legally hold a drivers license. I have 40% sight and you need 50% to hold a drivers license. Nor am I entitled to government assistance (taxi subsidy) because my eyesight is too good. I fall precisely between the wharf and the ship!

I agist my horse 23 km away from where I live. To get to her, I cycle 10min (4km) then board a bus (with the ezytraveller) that takes me to the suburb where the stables are. I then cycle a further 20mins (8km) to the stable and repeat the reverse to get home.

If it weren't for the ezytraveller I would be dependant on my husband to drive me up to the stables every day and wait 2-4 hours while I attend to and ride my horse. My independent nature doesn't allow me to do this and nor does his patience ha ha ha.

The ezytraveller has been a life (and marriage) saver. More than that it gives me a life and lets me enjoy it to the full.

Best of all it keeps me fit and I don't need an expensive gym membership neither :-)

Thanks Steve for such a wonderful bike. Keep on going!

Saskia M”


“Hi Steve

We are extremely pleased with the Ezy commuter bikes, took my wife some time to get used to hers but now we use them regularly even from home base although we bought them for travelling in the winnebago. We travel up to 30klm on the weekends to lunch /dinner spots around Cairns.Would like to see the advancements made on the new model.


peter & Kate Murphy”


"We researched, over a few weeks, the variety of electric bikes on the market taking particular attention to quality, testimonials and then response to our questions (prior to buying). We were surprised and delighted at the speedy friendly response and availability of Steve O'Connell. Not only prior, during and after sales service. Without doubt we highly recommend Steve's superior customer service and his product. We would certainly buy from him again”

Kevin and Christine O’Connell


“Hi Steve

Our thanks for a superb product. The bikes far exceeded our expectations for quality and performance and handle our hilly areas with ease.

We have regained a lifestyle asset that was becoming beyond us due to health limitations. The front baskets are a well thought out feature and the suspension front and rear handles any terrain comfortably. Truly an absolute delight!

Rob & Sue Medlen


“I have had my little bike for six months now and it is Fabulous. I ride it everywhere, taking it in the back of my station wagon. I have taken it

across from Tassie to Melbourne and I take it into Hobart frequently so I can park and ride around the city. Heads turn. I heartily recommend it

to all and anyone”

C L-Fox


" Just want to tell you how great our bikes are .We are absolutely overjoyed with performance and convenience of these fold up bikes

Having bought 2 we have been able to go on some fantastic rides both around Geelong ,along the coast and Melbourne bike tracks. So easy to fold up and put in car. Battery so light and giving great distance plus taking strain off knees up any hills. Thankyou for quick delivery.

Could you send us some business cards so we can carry them wherever we go and will definitely put the good word out. Many have already been asking about the bikes.Thanks again Ted and Dianne Allen. Vic "

" Hi Steve,

Just a brief note to let you know the bike you sold me is brilliant.It is doing all I want it to do.To get home after a ride is up hill no matter which way I travel.Before I was stuffed and had to walk up the hill but now I can ride all the way.

If you have a future sale I don't mind if you refer the buyer to me. Maybe it is only a conversation or even,if reasonably local,a demonstration.

Once again many thanks for everything.


Peter Hart. Tas "

" Steve,

Bike arrived today just after midday. It's all together and we have already had some fun on it. It a little beauty-thanks.


Col. Vic "


" My wife & I are retired and up until recently enjoyed the great out-doors by canoeing.  We passed the canoe onto one of our sons and replaced it with two Ezy Commuter electric bikes. We have had a great 6 months enjoyment so far by riding on bike paths near us (25 km circuit) which gather in

Coffee stops and scenic beach settings. Service has been very good as we live 4,000 km from Steve’s shop but he managed to send us a replacement kick stand at very short notice.

We pack the bikes into their carry cases when we drive south for 3 to 4 days break from Perth. Certainly would recommend to those who like the out doors.

Regards Les K . Perth "

" Hi Steve just thought I would let you know my bike is just over 12months old still having lots of fun and what a kool way to get around thanks heaps

Tom H, Pottsville Beach "

" Hi, our ezy commuters have proved to be a great success, we have used them in Alice Springs, Katherine , St george, and many other places on our travels around Australia .And had a lot of interest shown from other travellers. Philip and Elizabeth Cowden. "

“Had to substitute a normal bike with an ezy commuter  when my wife tore the cartilage from her left knee and could no longer ride.  It has been the best purchase because she can now ride again and enjoy the places we visit on our travels in our caravan.

John Ransome, Brisbane "

"I do really love the bike. It has made it a lot more feasible for me to learn to ride and exercise as I pedal most of the way. The fat little wheels are great for broken pavements, the basket at the front for work stuff, lunch etc.

Silvana, Perth "

" Oh Hi Steve ,

I'm still enjoying the bike and have lost 5 kilos !!"
Regards ,
Caroline, Gold Coast "

" I have been using my EZY Commuter ever since my birthday in August last year, whenever I've been able to avoid driving, for daily visits to the local Post Office, carrying out errands locally and, recently, to attend local events, voting in an election and sampling a community fair on the Nightcliff foreshore.   The highlight of my visits to the Post Office is riding back on the walking/jogging/cycling path along the full length of the Nightcliff/Rapid Creek foreshore, with Beagle Gulf (Timor Sea) on my left, using just the occasional twist of my right wrist instead of increased exertion on upward slopes.   Of course, the electrical facility can be very handy when negotiating roads with vehicular traffic.

The bicycle is a great joy, and, now that we're into the dry season, I plan to be more adventurous in exploring our locale."


Andrew Cameron

(Dr. C. A. CAMERON).    NT. "

" The bikes are great. We did have a glitch with delivery and a warranty claim. Both were resolved in a quick and efficient manner. That is the measure of a good product and supplier in my opinion. Recommend this product to anyone. "

Ashley Cooper . Wollongong"

" Steve,

I am just dropping you a line to say thank you for your service and to tell you that as soon as I unpacked the Ezy Commuter Bike, it was off down the road with several people taking turns on it.  It was better than I expected and I purchased it as a convenient method for exercising and having the choice to relax if I choose.  I live permanently in a motor-home and the Ezy Commuter is simple to carry up the ladder and onto the roof when I don’t need to use it for a while.  I ended up so happy with the first Ezy Commuter, I purchased a second one.

Kind regards

Bill Thorp Alice Springs "

" Yes, we think that the bikes are great. Must admit though, that the first time I changed over to the power assist I took off like a bat out of hell.Did not think there would be so MUCH assist.
Diane and Brian

Warburton, Vic "

" We love the bikes! We regularly "cycle" to the lighthouse for coffee. Les is delighted and with encouragement from his cardiologist actually pedalling more not just getting range of movement! He also gets to the local hardware on a bikeway for small items. 

Last weekend we did a 4.5k ride with three grandchildren the youngest is five and he thought it was wonderful that Grandpa and Grandma could keep up with him! 

Thank you so much for all the 'new' fun we are having!"

Kind regards

Judith and Les Peters

Brisbane "

" Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that I think the bike is just fabulous. It

is great to ride and I am now able to do lots I couldn't do before.

Thanks for a great product.

Maureen M. NSW "

" Steve, I just wanted to tell you how happy my Wife and I are with the bikes. We have taken them on holidays with us, as they both fit into the boot of the car! We are also happy with the after sales service etc., and we have decided to modify the front chainwheel from a 48 tooth to a 55 tooth, thus enabling a taller 6th gear. We use them to Commute to work, and I find it useful after a \"physical\" days work!
Regards Graham and Jayne- Hobart. "